Philadelphia International Airport

Get a New Lease on Business!

Philadelphia International Airport receives over 30.7 million passengers annually and employs over 20,000 employees. With traffic rising, there are always business opportunities within MarketPlace PHL, LLC. MarketPlace PHL, LLC is always looking for new and innovative concepts to add to the existing retail mix. Air travelers have strong consumer demographics and a proven track record as valuable customers. Why not capitalize on this captive audience?

The Philadelphia Marketplace at Philadelphia International Airport has provided dozens of new business opportunities for store and restaurant operators on both a national and local level. And more opportunities continue to arrive for both permanent, in-line merchants and for more temporary specialty operations.

If you are looking to grow your National or Local retail/food & beverage/ or service business, consider our future permanent or specialty Leasing opportunities.

For more leasing information or leasing plans, please contact Craig Sherby at:

Phone: 215-937-1200
Fax: 215-937-1206
Address: MarketPlace PHL, LLC, Philadelphia International Airport, Terminal E, Upper Level, 8500 Essington Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19153

2017 Leasing Outreach Information


If a temporary specialty cart or kiosk is right for you, please call contact Sissy Williams at SWilliams@philamarketplace.com or call 215-937-1200 


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