Philadelphia International Airport

Get a New Lease on Business!

Philadelphia International Airport receives over 30.7 million passengers annually and employs over 20,000 employees. With traffic rising, there are always business opportunities within MarketPlace PHL, LLC. MarketPlace PHL, LLC is always looking for new and innovative concepts to add to the existing retail mix. Air travelers have strong consumer demographics and a proven track record as valuable customers. Why not capitalize on this captive audience?

The Philadelphia Marketplace at Philadelphia International Airport has provided dozens of new business opportunities for store and restaurant operators on both a national and local level. And more opportunities continue to arrive for both permanent, in-line merchants and for more temporary specialty operations.

If you are looking to grow your National or Local retail/food & beverage/ or service business, consider our future permanent or specialty Leasing opportunities.

For more leasing information or leasing plans, please contact Michael DiCosola at:

Phone: 617-243-7400
Fax: 617-243-7459
Address: MarketPlace Development, 75 Park Plaza, Boston, Massachusetts 02116

Leasing Information


If a temporary specialty cart or kiosk is right for you, please call contact Sissy Williams at SWilliams@philamarketplace.com or call 215-937-1200 


Click here to complete our Specialty Leasing online application.


Campaign Contribution Disclosure Requirements:

A requirement of the Master Lease Agreement between MarketPlace PHL and the City of Philadelphia, is that subtenants disclose the following:

  •    Campaign contributions to political candidates and incumbents who are running for, or currently serving in, a local (Philadelphia) or state-wide elected office anywhere within the Commonwealth
  •   Use of any consultants/lobbyists used to assist in obtaining the sublease and their contributions
  •   All subcontractors that you intend to use
  •   Requests for money or anything of value from the City or Marketplace
  •   The online form must be submitted via one of the following links:

Corporate Links

  •   If these disclosure forms are being submitted by a CORPORATION, use the following links to submit the disclosure form, with signatures by (a) President or Vice-President of the corporation AND (b) Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, or authorized signatory of the corporation.
  •  If you are completing a new Subtenant Disclosure Form - Link to Submit


Non-Corporate Links

  •   If the disclosure forms are being submitted by an INDIVIDUAL, SOLE PROPRIETOR, PARTNERSHIP, LIMITED LIABILITY PARTNERSHIP, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, or any other legally formed entity except a corporation, use the following links to submit the disclosure form:
  •   If you are submitting a new Subtenant Disclosure Form - Link to Submit